Dan Schoonmaker
Software Engineer


  • Similar to creating a website, starting a podcast requires that you have a hosting service to serve up your audio files. A lot of people I talk to, who are interested in starting a podcast, don't realize this extra step. I think a lot of the time they just assume that iTunes acts as the "YouTube of podcasts" and has you upload your audio files directly.
    What I love about 💛
  • Rather than learning all about the podcasting ecosystem by myself in a bubble, I want to share what I've learned the last couple of days so others who just getting started won't need to start at square one as well. This led me to the idea of creating an "open source" list of podcasting tools and services for others to use as an initial starting point.
    CasterKit - A resource for podcasters
  • With the world's growing interest in virtual assistants, I've been wanting to experiment with more audio-based technologies. This is how my original idea for my project got started. I wanted to build something where users could upload audio clips, splice them together, and tell their story.