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    With the new year upon us, I've decided to use this arbitrary date boundary as an excuse to force myself to experiment with some new technologies. As a result, I've decided to start a little #BuildInPublic challenge for myself that I'm calling 12 in 21.
  • Similar to creating a website, starting a podcast requires that you have a hosting service to serve up your audio files. A lot of people I talk to, who are interested in starting a podcast, don't realize this extra step. I think a lot of the time they just assume that iTunes acts as the "YouTube of podcasts" and has you upload your audio files directly.
    What I love about 💛
  • As I gear up for some big things in 2021, I wanted to create a centralized portfolio website with links out to all of my various side-projects. I really like seeing people share those spreadsheets with a timeline of all their side projects, and I think I'll probably still do something like that here, but I also wanted a standalone website to really showcase the quality of my projects. My goal is to one day for a company around this SchoonLabs branding, and use it as an umbrella company over my various endeavours. Until then, check out some of the exciting projects I'm working on!