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I've been going crazy with the number of ideas in my head. Every day, there's a new AI breakthrough, countless blockchain opportunities, and tempting shiny new projects calling out to me. It's exhilarating to build something innovative, but I often wonder: am I creating real value or just following trends?

I let the excitement of a new idea carry me away, convincing myself that I'm making small bets. But deep down, it's just an excuse to avoid finishing a project and move on to the next big thing. Each new project pulls me away from truly valuable work, leading me down a rabbit hole of endless possibilities. I find myself knee-deep in a new project before validating the previous one.

Lately, I've been reminding myself of the importance of focus. Tuning out the noise, ignoring the shiny new objects, and concentrating on what truly matters: creating products that deliver value. Whether it's a simple digital product like a course, an ebook, or a complex software solution, the goal remains the same. It's about solving real problems, making people's lives easier, better, or more enjoyable.

Sure, it's less glamorous and requires hard work and patience. But the satisfaction of seeing a project come to life, knowing that I've created something genuinely helpful, outweighs the thrill of jumping from one project to another.

So here's to focus, to blocking out the noise, and to creating products that truly make a difference.