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My (rough) first experience with Facebook chatbots


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be cool to use it as an excuse to try out 1-800-Flower‘s much talked about new Facebook chatbot. As a new feature to Facebook Messenger, my expectations weren’t too high because we all know it takes some time to iron out the kinks. After this first experience, my fears of an imminent robot apocalypse were quickly calmed...

Screenshot of a chat with the chatbot

Then of course my credit card did end up getting charged multiple times even though the agent said the order wasn’t placed...

Screenshot of my credit card statement being charged 4 times
Screenshot of my credit card disputes

In the end everything worked out just fine. My mom received one flower arrangement (a day early) and all was right in the world. I just wouldn’t go firing your entire customer support team and replacing them with chatbots.

A photo of the flowers that my mom got for Mother's Day